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October 23, 2019

    2071 Mountain Yoga  Massage Space

Body systems can get complicated. Real health is what you want.

Simple tools can get you there.

Like... bodywork support for this time in your life.

An herbal formula to re-set your course, or

A no-nonsense foods plan.

You know support is out there for body, mind, soul and spirit.

The offerings on the menu, above, may just fit the bill...

Oakland, CA

Bodywork & Massage

    ABMP10 12 Thai                           24 ABMP Sideways Cranial Hold Table

My Approach to Thai Yoga      Massage, Bodywork &

     Massage & Breema               Myofascial Therapies


Ayurvedic Therapies

 Shirodhara at Mountain Yoga                      ABMP0831 Herbs Tray Reduced 20

 ShiroDhara & Ayurvedic                Herbal Formulas

       Body Therapies                         For Precise Healing