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October 23, 2019

    2071 Mountain Yoga  Massage Space


My pain is to a minimal, if any, believe it or not!... I'm much stronger.... as much of a full recovery as I could expect. You're an angel. -- PL


Thank you, Victoria. You are a blessing!! -- LSM


Thanks to Victoria for her magnificent teaching, guidance, support, patience. -- CM

You've been 100% there in taking me on as a patient, understanding my being and letting me be who I am. The chemistry of how foods work has been a good concept. -- MD


Victoria is an excellent Breema practitioner. I worked with her over several months and after each session I felt more relaxed, less disconnected, and back on track with my life. Victoria is perceptive, personable, and professional -- qualities that I'm sure will take her far with Ayurveda Marisol. -- KBY


That Breema session was the most relaxed I can remember feeling in a very long time. -- JI


            I slept SO deeply after Shirodhara. -- JT 

With Victoria - I experienced the work of Breema, one of the many modalities of work in which she is so gifted.  I found that with the first moment into our session I was already deeply relaxed and fully trusting. Her rhythmical motions guided my body into a deep introspective state that was yielding of insights and possibilities. 

Although, I don't understand it to explain it, I do know that after the session I felt more open and available. I recommend Victoria strongly and I think you would understand best why so after having a session with her. -- JD


Oakland, CA