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October 23, 2019

    2071 Mountain Yoga  Massage Space

When you need a tune up...


Bodywork on the Floor

$110 (60 min) - Breema Bodywork

$140 (90 min) - Thai Massage

$175 (120 min) - Thai Massage

Oil Therapies from Ayurveda

$ 80 (30 min) - ShiroDhara (oil poured on forehead)

$140 (90 min) - Abhyanga (oil massaged into whole body)

$170 (90 min) - Bliss (ShiroDhara + Abhyanga)

$200 (120 min) - Bliss (ShiroDhara + Abhyanga)

As a single session or in a 3-part discounted package.


$160 (105 min) Health Consult

$105 (45 min)  Follow Up

Consults work well as a single session, or in combination with above bodywork treatments for a customized package -- as support for a light cleanse, as a time to be simply heard and witnessed, for a holistic second opinion on a serious condition, to generate a diet plan, or for an herbal formula update.


Look Deep

If your health concern is long-standing, or in need of a deeper cleanse, consider singing up for a laser-focused Look Deep Program which brings to bear the full history of Ayurvedic Science - several thousand years+ of empirical research with clinical application.

Oakland, CA

Bodywork & Massage

    ABMP10 12 Thai                           24 ABMP Sideways Cranial Hold Table

My Approach to Thai Yoga      Massage, Bodywork &

     Massage & Breema               Myofascial Therapies


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