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October 23, 2019

    2071 Mountain Yoga  Massage Space

Steeped in over 4280 hours of Ayurvedic Classical Science, which looks at each person as a whole being, bodymind, soul and spirit,* 

I am a Kabbalist raised in both Christian and Jewish traditions. Since young adulthood both Sufism and the Old Religion of Europe (Wicca) have been influences in my prayerlife. And much time spent among Buddhist meditators and people whose family religion is the Wisdom of The Americas has shown me the ways in which many sources of knowledge share certain similarities.

You could say that ancient knowledge of the human condition informs all my work.

Ultimately, I view every case through the lens of compassionate Ayurveda, even simple massage and bodywork sessions, which I consider as a Healing Tune Up; often all that's needed.

My schedule is on the right side of this page. Please call my business cell phone: 510-689-1041 or schedule directly through Mountain Yoga's website. I look forward to answering questions you may have as you consider if this approach could work for you and your particular health goals.

Thai Yoga Massage

Abhyanga Oil Massage

Breema Bodywork

Together we access your innate ability to rest deeply during the session, and to build energy reserves that will last you for some time afterwards.

Ayurvedic Consultations / Consejos

We can also discuss your daily routines and /or current meal plans to troubleshoot areas that are not working quite as well as you would like.

For some health situations it's important to delve further into causes and assign a specific Ayurvedic cleansing plan. The Look Deep Focused Program is then called in.


*[Soul versus Spirit can be thought of as "individual ego" distinct from Innate intelligence, spark of the Divine].

Oakland, CA