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November 13, 2019

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A health-conscious person, you’ve figured out a lot already about how to keep yourself finely tuned in body, mind, spirit and soul. Your no-nonsense approach to life includes your 'extra' healthcare inputs like massage, yoga and meditation, and preventive medicine through herbs.

There’s a lot of conflicting information out there. What's really the best type of food for you? The right amount of dietary suplementation?

Been there, done that

You know about bodywork and massage modalities, perhaps also acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, maybe even Ayurvedic analysis of your Doshas.

And maybe you prefer to Do-It-Yourself in the healthcare-adjuncts department, growing some of your food, making your own herbal home remedies, or simply tracking steps or meals via phone apps or online communities.


Tying It All Together

You value all you know.

But sometimes there's frustration when the information doesn't overlap well with each other and you'd like information specific to your unique situation -- so you can streamline self-care with your life.


How Healing Works

  1. You notice something's “off” -- or, just set a new health goal
  2. You gather some info
  3. You get some feedback/ guidance/company to make the change
  4. You activate your inner superpowers
  5. You reach your goal and sail on
  6. Over the course of a lifetime > "Repeat"...


The Healing Lies in You.

But a Little Help Goes a Long Way

What you need are a few things: some specific knowledge and expertise  to help you assess and understand what you’ve got going on right now. Plus clarity about what you want to do next;

some inspiration -- a hopeful peek into future possibilities;

a witness. Meaning someone with whom to check-in, honestly but with compassion, as you progress towards new goals;

some time and a plan. Whether it's a condensed nugget of input from a single professional consultation, or a co-created master plan of two years, some navigational benchmarks will help you mark the way towards improved health and make big changes become manageable.

Ayurveda: One of the Ways to Great Health

Ayurvedic Science delivers answers to both acute and chronic health concerns, and uses no synthetics, only materials found in nature, potentized to a precise and specific effect. Ancient medicine and sciences have more to share than most people know, with research conducted over millennia - well beyond just the last hundred years.

Practitioners help clients cut to the chase. By understanding the root causes of a given health situation, it's possible to design a course of action that puts an end to searching for solutions -- so you can reach your prevention goals, or if ill -- finally just get well.

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